The French-Colombian artist Jaime OCAMPO-RANGEL started his carrier in photography As an adolescent working with local News paper as a Photographer In Cali Colombia.


After a childhood in Colombia, adolescence in New York and his high school at Lasalle in Spain, he graduated in Production and Visual Communication  He moved to Paris to create an advertising agency with his photographic studio for fashions and publicities.


The Art Director and photographer Jaime Ocampo - Rangel


Jaime Ocampo - Rangel feeds his creativity by drawing in Nature : " What inspires me mostly , and I try to convey in my work, that's the beauty , harmony lines that exist in Nature the perfection of each of its components . Beauty is in nature , " he says . This French-Colombian photographer who works in the fields of art , fashion and industry , has for several years an ethnic personal project photographing landscapes almost Amazonian "fantastic" as well as fruit or flowers. Each time, it's sensuality , harmony , energy, the color of the things he tries to capture and to infuse his images.


In 1999 artist Jaime Ocampo Rangel began this intimate and engaging project after coming into contact with the Kogui people
in his native Colombia he had a spiritual and artistic realisation, to create this masterpiece.

The artist has decided to document these ethnic groups threatened by globalisation through the creation of a rainbow that trully represents the human existence.

Each group's unique beauty is revealed through the different colours as they pose on a background that can be the same colour as their skin, their clothing or their spiritual beliefs.Since 1999 Jaime Ocampo-Rangel has already photographed more than 40 authentic peoples, each related with a color : Kogui with white ; Maroni with red ; Himba with ochre, Touareg with blue, Sacoya with Yellow, Miao with black…”””


“A message of peace and respect for mankind’s last treasures before it is too late”


“Memory of Colors” project, first exhibited at the UNESCO’s headquarters in 2010 for the launching of  the International Year for Cultural Rapprochement


Apple command to Fotopedia an Aplication for theire new Ipad


The application is “a rainbow” of 1300 photos across 40 different cultures, created in 18 countries across 5 continents in 12 years. It is the world as you’ve possibly never seen it before.


For he Valeo " He rushes " in 2005 with " Technology in Motion ", a new calendar that develops and expands the concept consisted of mixing talent with high fashion, dance and high technology dancers models , trimmed dresses glamor accessorised by Valeo technologies take off

Twelve beautiful visual poems reveal synergy between dance and high technology , both of which are designed to control the time and space : the photographs emphasize the precision of movement and technological precision , control and fluency.


Valeo , whose career 80 years is punctuated by key innovations , is now a key figure in the industrial landscape. This independent, international group dedicated to the design, manufacture, sale of components, systems and modules for cars and trucks ( electric and electronic systems, thermal systems, transmission systems and after-sales service) is today among the world's top automotive suppliers . Located in 25 countries and employs some 69,000 people , VALEO , true to its Latin etymon , " is doing well !"



 " Technology in Motion "

Impressed by the styling , design and technology Valeo - sharing with the group the culture of continuous progress , Jaime Ocampo - Rangel has created an original concept in 2003 to promote and enhance the image of the group based on " innovation " : the 2004 calendar " Haute couture and high-tech " and brings the world of fashion with one of the technology. The idea is to divert materials Valeo their first utility function and push through the logic of their transformation and aesthetics. Show wipers , projectors, exhaust systems , heating systems , ventilation, air conditioning, vibrations ... under the original terms of the fashion and beauty, is an innovative gamble that could exalt the group rarely asked that! The Valeo components are found and incorporated into elegant couture dresses , or participate with splendor in the form of jewelry and sophisticated accessories, women's attire. For the launch of the 2004 calendar , the photographer was given “carte blanche” to organize a dazzling private party at the Carrousel du Louvre : a parade and exhibition of photographs on video physically represented this energy in motion , common and high art technology.















This year, the calendar Valeo 2005 entitled " Technology in Motion " continues the adventure by dressing mannequins dancers in motion, couture dresses vanguard accessorized : technological perfection accessories is compared to the body control the dancer , and the concept of movement is pushed to its climax : the dance is really exposing the pure energy.

These new images to attach to beauty and light women (besides " shoot" originally means "writing with light "). With the tissues that form a glamorous and sometimes heart , sometimes a floral dress , sometimes even a filmy dress swirling illuminated strange peacock eyes ; thanks to gems , jewelry, light beams , garnet and silver wings ... all designed from Valeo accessories and gorgeous fabrics , it is the essence of the female is stressed : his grace, elegance, romance , expressiveness , sensuality , its dynamism. The magic of the image is further amplified by the movement , fluidity, body tension that sometimes preparing to exit the frame.

The photographs thus reveal a aesthetic vision of reality , making flush a kind of essence of beauty and life , so dear to the artist models leaping , dresses and high-performance technology, simply give way to pure and beautiful image .


He did Three calendars for this important Worlwide company.


For The “Cinematheque Français” he produce the most astonish photography’s of the wonderful  cinematography dress collection and organize the worldwide exhibitions to promote the French  “Cinematheque”


He worked for several magazines.


His love for nature took him in a one year trip in his sailing boat alone with his guitar and poems.


Jaime lives in Paris, in Picasso's first artist studio in Montmartre and in Miami.


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